A fake garage door hides an illegal apartment

SAD: Fake Garage Door Hides Cramped, Illegal Apartment

So now there Is a story that is going viral globally. A couple in Leicestershire, England created a home inside of a car garage, violating local ordinances. The kicker is the false, custom garage door they installed that hid the normal home door behind it.

Hamdi Almasri and Reeta Herzallah were caught living in a structure not fit for human habitation by the Blaby District Council. The planning regulations for the space stipulated that it be for a permanent vehicle parking spot only.

This couple was ordered to pay a 770GBP ($1084) fine, 1252GBP ($1762.64) in legal fees, and 77GBP (108.41) to the “victims”.

After spending all that, the couple must now spend money on having the garage restored to normal condition, and this will be verified by several visits from the local authorities.

Local Councilor for Planning, Housing Strategy, Economic & Community Development Sheila Scott is quoted saying “The message from this case is clear. If you breach planning regulations and ignore us we will not just go away.” She also remarked, “Creating an access onto the busy B4114 and blocking off valuable off-road parking space was completely unacceptable.”

While we agree with the decision the local authorities made, we are also sympathetic to the needs that families are facing for affordable housing. If property owners such as Almasri and Herzallah are capable of charging rent for such cramped living quarters as a single car garage, then that is a symptom that there is something wrong in the community.

Maybe a bit of work on making housing more affordable for residents is in order? A recent appraisal of British home values has revealed that 770000 homes in the kingdom are valued at over one million British pounds. To put that into perspective, this number represents a 23% increase since a 2016 analysis. Housing value appreciation of that sort in such a short amount of time over a relatively small territory will produce a shock into the housing market. Desperate measures such as residents being willing to rent out garages to live in are going to be a natural consequence of this if something is not done to alleviate the suffering.

We feel a bit lucky to be living in Indianapolis which is one of the most affordable places to live in America. While we are not immune to market forces, space is not nearly a premium here as it is overseas. Anyway, if you need a new garage door, and not a false one to hide an illegal apartment, give us a call today. We can have a beautiful new garage door installed properly and faster than you think.

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