Maximize Space with Overhead Garage Storage

Neat and tidy overhead garage storage.

So, did you and your family notice this Summer that retrieving all your favorite outdoor sporting equipment was more difficult than it should have been? Just like almost every other American household, you probably have been just mindlessly throwing all your stuff into the garage with no rhyme or reason all year long, and now when the weather is amazing and you are ready to make use of that mountain bike, kayak, roller blades, or even trampoline you find it difficult to even locate them. Even worse, you may have caught the Spring-Cleaning bug and decided to start removing even more things from inside the home and stored them in the garage.

You already know just how hard it is to walk in the garage, let alone park two cars without incident – why continue losing floor space like this? What if I told you that it is possible to keep your stuff and also gain some much-needed floor space? Sounds like magic, but no, it is just overhead garage storage racks.

The benefits of installing overhead garage storage are many:

  1. By removing clutter from the ground, you make more space for parking and walking.
  2. You can actually keep more of the stuff you love instead of having a garage sale.
  3. The garage will look and feel larger.
  4. You remove hiding spaces for pests, including harmful ones like scorpions or even rattlesnakes!

Yes you can build your own overhead storage but that can be quite difficult. These racks have to be sturdy enough to safely support weight over your head. It is far easier to buy pre-made overhead storage devices either online or at a hardware store.

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