You NEED Overhead Garage Storage

Maximize Space with Overhead Garage Storage So, did you and your family notice this Summer that retrieving all your favorite outdoor sporting equipment was more difficult than it should have been? Just like almost every other American household, you probably have been just mindlessly throwing all your stuff into the garage with no rhyme or […]

A fake garage door hides an illegal apartment

SAD: Fake Garage Door Hides Cramped, Illegal Apartment

SAD: Fake Garage Door Hides Cramped, Illegal Apartment So now there Is a story that is going viral globally. A couple in Leicestershire, England created a home inside of a car garage, violating local ordinances. The kicker is the false, custom garage door they installed that hid the normal home door behind it. Hamdi Almasri […]

Garage Door Armor

Garage Door Armor I live in an insecure neighborhood. There are home break-ins every single day. However, this is where I grew up. I’ve called this neighborhood home for most of my life so moving houses isn’t an option at the moment. We may not run away but we sure can protect ourselves and our […]

indianapolis garage door spring replacement

Safe Garage Door Spring Replacement

Safe Garage Door Spring Replacement Besides enhancing the aesthetic value of the home, garage doors offer a practical and convenient solution to access the house. However, over time and usage, the door’s spring extensions might wear out, needing repairing or replacing. Such a problem can cause the door to get stuck and in unfortunate situations […]

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